Lilli Nature House study trail (2.9 km)

The trail has been prepared mainly for conducting the study programmes of Lilli Nature House, and one can go it through by smaller sections. One of the most frequently visited sections of the trail is the rowan tree stand with the “witch’s rock” and the site where the tree lungwort (Lobaria pulmonaria) grows, about 1 km from the start. The start of the trail is impressive – after the huge larch trees in the park the hiker is guided to a path lined by 150-year old lime trees. Before going on the trail stop by in the Nature House and ask for a package with the trail map, magnifiers and explanations of runic symbols. With the help of the map it will be easier to find the former nest tree of the black stork, the Virapuu rock and the place where the half-a-metre beard lichens (genus Usnea) grow.
The park established by the forester of Polli manor, and tree-lined pathways, habitat of the tree lungwort, rowan-tree stand, former nest tree of the black stork, Virapuu erratic boulder and the artificial lake of Lilli.
The trail is covered with wood chips and partly boardwalk, with 11 information boards along the trail. The trail map is available in the information point. Tent camping and making campfire at the Nature House is subject to agreement with the owner.
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GPS: 58.002332, 25.554101
Garums: 2.9km nav apmeklējis
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