Lake Kavadi campfire site

The campfire site is in the protected manor park of Uue-Saaluse, near Lake Kavadi, which is known for its uneven shoreline and numerous islands. The water surface area of Lake Kavadi is 27 ha, and the lake is located 210.7 m above the sea level. Max depth 8.2 m, average depth approximately 3.5 m. There are two separate fire rings, a camping area and a swimming beach. One of the campfire rings is on the hill, where a wonderful view opens on the lake. In summer you can find cowslips and wild strawberries near the site. There is a bus stop at the driveway into the manor park.
Lake Kavadi, Uue-Saaluse manor park, ruins of the manor, cultural heritage landscape.
Campfire site with 2 fire rings with barbecue grills, shelter with table and benches, 2 firewood shelters, benches, information boards, changing cabin, swimming pier, dry toilet, barrier
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