Jõuga lakes campfire site

The campfire sites are on the bank of Lake Pesujärv. It is a popular swimming place. There is a boardwalk leading to the lakeside and a convenient pier for taking a dip. The Jõuga lake system comprises four lakes that emerged as a result of the melting of loose ice: Lake Jõuga Pesujärv, Lake Jõuga Linajärv, Lake Jõuga Liivjärv and Lake Armise. Several rare plant and animal species can be found in the lakes, e.g. the common water frog.
Jõuga burial mounds, 2 lakes with sandy shores (Lake Pesujärv, Lake Liivjärv), a short walking trail around the lakes
6 campfire sites, dry toilet, water well, wooden pier, boardwalk
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GPS: 59.153719, 27.387724
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