Hüpassaare study trail (4.4 km)

The first part of the trail (~1 km) goes through drained peatland forest. The drained peatland forest has formed from a swamp as a result of drainage. Next, the ground starts to rise gradually, and you arrive at the edge of Kuresoo raised bog. Mires are wetlands in which plant remains are partly undegraded and deposited as peat. The wetland landscape of Kuresoo is varied. At the end of the trail there is the Mart Saar museum.
Kuresoo bog, M. Saar House Museum
Shelter, dry toilet, waste bins, information boards, fire ring with barbecue grill, firewood shelter.
More information on RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

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GPS: 58.530547, 25.271794
Garums: 4.4km
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