Harilaiu campsite

Harilaiu peninsula is a part of Vilsandi National Park on the north-western coast of Saaremaa. The rectangular peninsula is connected with Tagamõisa peninsula by a narrow strip of land called Harilaiu Neck.
There are beautiful sand and pebble beaches and dunes on Harilaid. The sea is continually reshaping the coastline. If you visit the place repeatedly, you will see the coastline changes with your own eyes. There are several freshwater lakes in the peninsula, the largest of which is Laialepa bay. In addition to its interesting landscape, Harilaid is an area of great botanical and zoological value. It has been a protected area since 1924 already. Harilaid has always been uninhabited and when you go there it feels as if you have reached the end of the world, somewhere far away from civilization, and you are at the mercy of natural forces. To go to the campsite at Laialepa bay, you have to walk about 4 km along a hiking trail. At the other side of the campsite is the open sea. 
Brackish water lake in the middle of the peninsula, Laiapea bay, a lighthouse at Kiipsaare cape in the northwestern end of the peninsula. The island of Harilaid ascended from the sea a millennium or two ago and is still in constant movement.
Woodshed, outdoor fireplace, picnic table, camping area for tents, dry toilet
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GPS: 58.483611, 21.8638
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