Allikasoo study trail (2,8 km)

A varied trail offering about an hour's walk between ice-age escarpment and patches of calcareous groundwater fens.
The trail is marked with wooden signs and blue paint marks on trees.
The trail is in Viidumäe Nature Reserve; it goes down the nearly 18-metre escarpment at Lake Ancylus. At the foot of the escarpment there are calcareous spring fens, which emerged after the Ice Age. Thanks to favourable conditions, rich natural diversity and unique vegetation has developed in the nature reserve. Many protected vascular plants grow here, including the Saaremaa yellow rattle, Rhinanthus osiliensis, which grows exclusively in Saaremaa. Possible to visit the permanent exhibition in Viidumäe Nature Reserve Centre.
Stairs take the visitors down the terrace. Near Allikasoo fen and petrifying springs there are view platforms and information boards introducing the area; boardwalks help visitors over the excessively wet fen patches.
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

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GPS: 58.297766, 22.097812
Garums: 2.8km nav apmeklējis
Ugunskura iespējas: nav
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