Naissaare central trail (11 km)

The trail introduces the natural sights of Naissaare Island. It starts from the Naissaare campsite and goes north to the Danish King's Garden. From Põhjaküla village the trail turns west by the forest bourn until it reaches Kunila hill that is the highest point of the island. From the hill the trail turn back south, makes a circle in the old mine stores and goes back to the campsite.
Danish King's Garden, Põhjaküla village, Kunila hill, old mine stores
Trail is marked with white-gree-white markings on trees and sings at turning points. There 9 interest points with information boards.
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

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Type: Trail hasn't visited
GPS: 59.559831, 24.547702
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