Vilsandi hiking trail (6 km and 8 km)

The two hiking trails start in the middle of the island close to the biology stations observation tower.
Coastal life style and maritime cultural heritage—port buildings, houses of captains and sailors, windmills; exhibition about the history of nature conservation and maritime history in Mändre farm; beach, juniper shrubs, coastal pastures; a view of the Vaikas—the bird islands which were the birth place of nature conservation in the Baltic area; more than two-centuries old lighthouse and the lighthouse settlement from the Tsarist Era (ca. 1840–1917) with a 150-year-old weather station: coral reefs, alvar forest, permanent forest monitoring grid, Vesiloo Island, shingle bars, sea birds, wild animals, interesting vegetation.
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GPS: 58.378339, 21.842689
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