Vällamäe hiking trail (2.2 km)

This 2.2 km hiking trail is extremely varied, taking the hikers past the edge of the bog with the deepest peat layer in Estonia, ascending to the top of the Vällamägi hill and then descending again. The 120-year-old spruce forests on the steep slopes are especially glorious. The relative height of the Vällamägi hill is 84 m from foot to top – which is more than the 60 m of the Suur Munamägi hill. The slopes of the Vällamägi are very steep, in places the angle is 35-40 degrees. On the slope of the Vällamägi hill stands the rental hut, which is managed by RMK and can be used for a modest fee. Ancient Estonians regarded the hill a mystic and sacred place. They believed that a witch or a spirit lived on the hill, guarding the forest and punishing those who cut trees carelessly. The spring of Vällamägi is a naturally interesting place, it is believed even to have an underground connection with the sea.
Natural forest and commercial forest, bog, legends of the Vällämägi hill.
Along the hiking trail there are 12 information boards introducing the trail. There are benches, boardwalks, footbridges, climbing rope to assist ascending the hill.
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.
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GPS: 57.730617, 27.060099
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