Teringi campfire site

Teringi campfire site is perfect for hikers who, in addition to eating camp food, would also like to go for a walk in the bog. The large shelter at the campfire site helps to defy the weather and the enclosed camping area provides a safe place for accommodation. According to popular belief the rowan tree at the start of the trail can fulfil the wanderer’s secret wishes, if he ties a hand-made beautiful ribbon on its branches.
Near the campfire site the 4.5 km Teringi study trail passes through bog islands with different forest communities, a bog covered with stunted pine trees and the Alatsi bog lake, where it is also possible to swim. The trail runs on boardwalk and wood chip path. Varied vegetation.
Outdoor fireplace, information board, large shelter, dry toilet, woodshed, camping area (marked with wooden posts), bicycle rack.
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GPS: 57.9828, 25.558283
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