Rumpo hiking trail (6,7 km)

The Rumpo peninsula with its junipers of different density and age is the habitat of unique and rare lichen communities and the only habitat of the curled snow lichen (Flavocetraria cucullata) in Estonia. The lichen patches are fragile and vulnerable to trampling. Cows, sheep and horses are grazed on the peninsula. The hiking trail takes you from the village to the end of the peninsula, the decks along the trail offer views to the bays of Hullo and Sviby and islets.
A view of the Hullo and Sviby bays, rare lichen communities characteristic of tundra, migration and nesting place of water and coastal birds.
The trail runs along surface path and has information boards. There are 3 observation decks (2.7 m high) with  benches.
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.
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GPS: 58.970218, 23.265418
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