Ruhijärve campfire sites

In summer Lake Ruhijärv is a paradise of water-lilies. The sandy beaches attract people to bathe and enjoy. Our campfire sites are in a place popularly called Tammenina (oak nose), where oak-trees grow in groups like huge bushes, and several stand “nose-to-nose”. The place is perfect for fishermen who go out on the lake in a boat, or for hikers who plan to stay overnight by the lake. However, be patient: there are a lot of insects in this scenic place.
The place is suitable for both fishermen and swimmers.
Parking area at the first campfire site, fire ring with benches, firewood shelter, picnic table, wooden pier, information table, a convenient place for fishermen to launch the boat. The second campfire site is 100 m away. Parking spaces, 1 outdoor fireplace, table-benches-shelter, dry toilet, firewood shelter, pontoon pier with a ladder.
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GPS: 58.020001, 25.513365 nav apmeklējis
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