Rõuge primeval valley hiking trail (10 km)

The 10 km hiking trail descends from near the village swing to Rõuge primeval valley, goes past a small pond and runs along the slope of the valley, which is rich in springs. There are two hydraulic rams operating on the shore of Lake Liinjärv. Hydraulic ram is a “perpetual-motion” pump using hydraulic power and is capable of pumping water as high as ten metres or more. The trail continues along the village road between the Liinjärv and Valgjärv lakes and offers wonderful views towards Ööbikuorg valley and Linnamägi. Then the trail goes along the south-western shore of Lake Rõuge Suurjärv – the deepest lake in Estonia. Next the trail goes along the chain of lakes (Ratasjärv, Tõugjärv, Lake Kahrila) to the Hinni canyon.
Seven lakes of Rõuge, Rõuge primeval valley, Ööbikuorg valley, hydraulic ram, Hinni canyon.
You can start the walk both at Ööbikuorg visitor centre and at the Hinni canyon. The trail is equipped with wooden signs, information boards, partly boardwalk. Visitors can use the swing and observation platform, shelter with table and benches, 1 dry toilet at the parking space of Hinni canyon and a water closet in Rõuge Ööbikuorg visitor centre.
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.
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GPS: 57.72783, 26.9345
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