Penijõe observation tower

From the observation tower in the reeds on the left bank of the Penijõgi River, you can admire views of the reed beds covering 3,000 hectares between the delta branches of the Kasari River, which is among the most interesting habitats in the Matsalu National Park. In spring nights the Eurasian bittern bellows in the reeds, you can hear the calls of sedges, Savi’s warblers and crakes, in the summer the local fauna hides in the shade of the reed wall which grows up to 4 m high, and you might also spot a western marsh-harrier or a white-tailed eagle flying above the reeds.
Matsalu Nature Centre, Penijõe Manor complex, biodiversity, Penijõe observation tower, Viita wooded meadow
8 m high observation tower, open top, benches
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