Penijõe hiking trail (3.2–7 km)

The trail can be completed in various lengths and sections and introduces landforms characteristic of Matsalu National Park (reed beds, flood meadows and grasslands that are overflown in springs) and the local biota. The trail also features an 8 m high observation tower at the edge of the reeds.
Matsalu National Park Visitor Centre, Penijõe manor complex, biodiversity, Penijõe observation tower, Viita wooded meadow
The trail can be completed in various lengths, either as 3.2 km, 4.7 km, 5 km or 7 km trails. The trail partly passes grazing areas. Most of the trail runs along surface path, part of it is boardwalk (63 m). Objects along the trail include a 2.5 m high observation platform on Saare hill, (8) piers across marshy sections, a small bridge. The trail is marked with wooden signs and has pasture gates and fence crossings. There are 3 recreation sites with 4 tables and 8 benches. There is a water observation platform and stairs on the river bank. Along the trail you can find 4 large information boards about the area.
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GPS: 58.713137, 23.814745
Garums: 7km nav apmeklējis
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Marķējums: Marķēta
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