Orjaku study trail (0.7 km to 2 km)

The trail starts at the parking area near the Orjaku bay, consists of the longer Orjaku trail (2 km) and the shorter Roostikuring (Reed loop) (0.7 km). Accessible without getting your feet wet, the trail is marked with arrow signs. Enjoy the vistas to the Käina and the Jausa bay, and observe the birds’ activities and migration. The short circular boardwalk trail (Roostikuring) takes you through the tall reeds to Silmakare.
The Käina bay resembles a coastal lake rather than a sea bay. Its average depth is only 0.5 m and three canals join the bay and the sea. There are 23 low flat islands in the bay, mostly surrounded by reeds. The bird population in the Käina bay is interesting and highly diverse. In the autumns 10,000 to 15,000, sometimes up to 20,000 water and coastal birds choose the bay as their stopover site.
There are 3 information boards, a recreation site with shelter, and about 0.5 km boardwalk through reeds on the trail. A large information board and 11 smaller ones. Passable without getting your feet wet, marked with arrow signs.
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GPS: 58.80012, 22.75978
Garums: 2km
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