Nature trail/playground for children (0.5 km)

The nature trail/playground for children, situated near the visitor centre in Ähijärve village, welcomes younger visitors. There is a slide, watchtower, swings, sandbox, giant stride on the trail. The trail introduces erratic boulders and rocks, the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees, the most common bird species in the area, soil characteristics and traces of mammal’s activity.
There are 9 information boards, 7 attractions, 5 information posts about animal tracks, 5 hollow posts, soil profile in acrylic container for activities, games and puzzle solving. The trail is marked with wooden arrow signs. Activity sheets available at the information point help children to acquire the information.
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

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GPS: 57.7127, 26.5038
Garums: 0.5km nav apmeklējis
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