Naissaare northern trail (7 km)

The northern trail is also known as the military trail. The trail starts from Haldja village and goes north up to the northern most tip of the island by the coast. From there the trail goes back south by the western coast. The trail passes by all the important military sights such as the Estonian battery no 5 and batteries no 10A and 10B from the soviet time.
Former officers casino, Estonian battery no 5, batteries no 10A and 10B, northern tip of the island and the lighthouse.
The trail is marked with white-red-white markings on trees and sings at turning points. There are 10 points of interest on the trail equipped with information boards.
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

Overview map


Tips: taka
GPS: 59.589401, 24.516768
Garums: 7km nav apmeklējis
Ugunskura iespējas: nav
Marķējums: -
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