Metsavenna campfire site

At Metsavenna (Forest Brother’s) campfire site it is possible to imagine yourself back to the period when lots of people were forced to live in the forest. Fortunately, now we do not have to hide the smoke from the campfire, yet fire safety has to be constantly observed and before you leave, it would be good to bring a bucket of water from the nearby Saarjõgi River and pour it on glowing ashes. Those who want a real experience may sleep in the bunker that opens in the hillside. The nearby monument was erected by the Estonian Scout Association to commemorate the past events. Hikers can go to the Saarjõgi study trail, which may take up to 4 hours to go through.
Monument to Forest Brothers
Fire ring, a lean-to for max 3 people in sleeping bags, firewood shelter, information board.
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GPS: 58.640926, 25.334318 nav apmeklējis
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