Meremõisa campsite

The campsite is at the seaside, by Lohusalu bay. There are 7 campfire rings in the area, scattered along the seafront. At each campfire site there is a table and benches, a waste bin and a shelter for firewood. There are also dry toilets near the campfire sites. There are 3 maps on the campsite, showing the locations of all the campfire sites and dry toilets. The maps are at the entrance roads to the campsite.
Sandy beach, coastal pine forests of varying stand ages
13-part information board with general information, 2 information boards with campsite maps, 7 campfire sites, incl. 3 outdoor fireplaces, 5 dry toilets, campsite for 50 tents, stone fence around parking area
More information on RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.
Overview map


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GPS: 59.399123, 24.251123 nav apmeklējis
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