Kotka hiking trail (6,7km)

Kotka hiking trail introduces the fen and the transition mire and sandy eskers. Its sights include the high wooded sandy eskers, which developed when Lake Peipus receded, and the mystic bog islands in Rüütli bog, which developed from the sediments accumulated at the end of the Ice Age. The transition from sandy eskers to the mire is unexpected, this kind of varied landscape offers a pleasant change for hikers.
Different forest growth types, sandbanks formed of the recession of Lake Peipus, raised bog flora, bog islands, bog pool, “money pit”
3 campfire sites, 2 dry toilets, shelter, conical tent, forest hut, observation tower on the upland. The trail is marked with blue and white blazes and symbols on brown posts
More information on RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

Overview map


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GPS: 59.089838, 27.275505
Garums: 6.7km
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