Koorküla Valgjärve campfire sites

The lakeshore with the most beautiful sandy beaches in this area is an ideal place for family holiday. The first campfire site is large enough for several groups of people and the sandy beach also provides an opportunity for swimming. However, watch out when swimming, because the location of the onetime manor is on the bottom of the lake, and according to the local lore, also water-dwellers live there. The second campfire site is suitable for a modest lonely wanderer.
Lake Valgjärv
In the first campfire site there is a campfire ring with benches, 2 outdoor fireplaces, 2 picnic tables with shelters, dry toilet, changing cabin and woodshed. The second campfire site is 300 metres away on the lakeshore, with a fire ring and benches, shelter for firewood, camping space for two tents.
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GPS: 57.901745, 25.875657
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