Ilmatsalu–Kärevere Linnutee hiking trail (3,5 km)

The 3,5 km long “Bird’s Way” hiking trail links the most interesting bird-watching sites in the Tartu area—the Ilmatsalu fish ponds, Kärevere and Alam-Pedja Nature Reserves. The Bird’s Way hiking trail offers visitors exciting experiences throughout the year. The Ilmatsalu fish ponds and the surrounding area are the most popular bird-watching sites among ornithology enthusiasts in the Tartu area. More than 200 species of birds have been spotted on the ponds and in the close surroundings. Several endangered species can be seen in Kärevere Nature Reserve.
Migration and nesting of water birds, spring floods, diverse river, floodplain and forest biota.
The hiking trail is marked with signs and runs along the Ilmatsalu River bank, on forest rides and paths up to the Kärevere road bridge. A 6 m high bird observation tower, campfire sites, 25 m long arched bridge and “Green classroom” information boards.
More information on RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

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GPS: 58.392167, 26.554997
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