Harilaiu hiking trail (11 km or 13 km)

Diverse and deserted coastal nature. Low and vast horizon, wind, golden sand and mighty waves. Interesting dune landscape, trees and bushes subjected to wind, seal and bird sounds, military objects and Kiipsaare lighthouse in the sea.
The versatile nature of the Harilaid Island—dunes, relict lakes, shingle deposits, military legacy, Kiipsaare lighthouse. NB! Kiipsaare lighthouse is private property! The lighthouse is situated in the sea, on insecure ground and therefore it's angle of inclination is always changing. Climbing the lighthouse is dangerous and not recommended!
Cape Kiipsaare and the west coast of Harilaiu peninsula is a good spot for bird and
The trail is marked with red pickets
More information on RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

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GPS: 58.473969, 21.901842
Garums: 13km
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