Beaver trail (1,8 km)

The trail starts next to the Visitor Centre of Soomaa National Park and its start is accessible by car all year round. During the winter and spring floods, most of the boardwalk is under water. The beaver trail guides you through different types of forest – dark spruce forest, light fern birch forest, wet marshy forest to the Mardu stream, in which beavers live. Traces of beaver activity can be observed more closely. There are information boards on the study trail, drawing your attention to interesting objects of nature and the results of beavers’ construction works.
Floodplain forest, beaver population, flooded meadows.
Information boards, recreation sites, dry toilets. The boardwalk of the trail is renovated in 2013 with the help of ERDF: the trail is accessible by wheelchair (also with pram)- 660 metres.
More information on RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

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GPS: 58.430756, 25.032284
Garums: 1.8km nav apmeklējis
Ugunskura iespējas: nav
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