Orhideju taka

Attention! Please do not feed the horses, wild horses can become dangerous!

Here you can see wild horses and cows and visit the lookout tower of Lake Engure. Everything is free of charge and available in all seasons. From Riga, passing through Berzciems, you will see the brown sign "Lake Engure 2.2Km". Follow the sign, and you will arrive at the parking lot at Lake Engure. There are fire and picnic areas, tables and toilets.

Further on, walking towards the Ornithological Base, you can follow the route up to the birdwatching tower on the lake. Along the way you will meet Konik breed wild horses as well as Highland, Charolais and Hereford cows. There is no need to be afraid of the animals, just be careful not to let them out when the barrier crosses the road. Treat them with respect and don't feed them! On the way back, do not take the same route, but near the tower, follow the sign to the Orchid Trail, which is a very pleasant alternative way back - the trail runs parallel to the onward route, ending near the car park.

As the Orchidaceae only bloom from June to July, it is recommended to visit this trail then. It is also recommended consulting the Cuckoo and Cuckoo-flower identifiers on Dabasdati.lv. More information about Lake Engure on the website of the Lake Engure Nature Park. Please note that the Engure Nature Trail, Bird Tower and Orchid Trail can be visited from 15 April to 31 October.

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Type: Trail
Length: 4km
We visited: 06 Jun, 2015
GPS: 57.26036, 23.13511
Accessibility: unknown or no
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