Meiroņu dabas taka

Aukstaitija national park Visitor Centre is suggested as the starting point of the route. There you can also get a brochure with detailed information on the route. The hiking time of Meironys nature trail in such a various enviroment with it ups and downs takes about 3h and gives a fantastic opportunity to do the the daily quota of steps while enjoying spectacular views of a national park in along the way a a very compact area on about 5 km distance. You may also cut the trail and do a smaller loop of 2,5km.

At Aukstaitija National Park Visitor center, turn right and head East towards Ignalina. At the end of the village, you will see the beach and parking-lot on the left side of the road. Cross the parking lot and go towards the forest. After crossing the bridge you will arrive at the first information board marking the start of the Meironu nature trail. The trail winds around the slopes and base of a high hill. In  the hollows, you can see small lakes, streams, wetlands, small natural meadows flowering on the lakesides, and forest calmly murmuring around. From the floral point of view, Aukstaitija National Park is one of the richest protected areas in Lithuania. It is home for more than a half of Lithuania spontaneous plant species. Along the nature trail some of the protected species are growing. For example, here you can find the bigest planting pace of Marsh helleborine (Epipactis atrorubens) in the Aukstaitija national park. In a middle of a trail, after passing few small wetland lakes you will reach Taramas lake that tells many stories about devils. As a matter of fact, Taraminis is the name wich local people used to call devil. There are some information boards introducing local terrain, flora, fauna and other types of nature along this Nature trail. Children definatelly will like educational boards where they can get to know local nature in a cheerfull way. If you will get tired, you can rest in some convenient resting places. The last one of them you will find by the Nature School of the Aukstaitija National Park that is located near beautifull Lūšiai lake. There you should turn to Palūše beach and head back along the coast.

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Type: Trail
Length: 5.3km
We visited: 28 Nov, 2018
GPS: 55.331815, 26.105712
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