Markovas pilskalns un izziņas taka

Markova castle mound is one of the smallest Latgalian castle mounds, an archeological monument of national significance. The castle mound is located on a gravel hill, which offers a wonderful view of Slutišķi ethnographic village and nature park "Daugava loki".

A 1.6 km long Markova information trail has been established in the vicinity of the Markova castle mound. There are several sightseeing objects on the trail: Markova cemetery, Markova castle mound, level mark of the designed Daugavpils HPP reservoir, Putāni stream, Putāni stream stone, etc. There are several species of protected plants, such as forest terns and shoot sunsets.

Nearby is the recreation area "Latgales sēta" and Slutišķi Old Believers' Village.

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GPS: 55.91679, 26.892548
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