Lõhavere campfire sites

The campfire sites and their surrounds are perfect both for a lonely wanderer and a larger group of hikers. The expansive hill fort area is suitable for organising party games and competitions. There is no drinking water available on site, but there is a stream flowing at the start of the forest path about twenty metres away, where campers can freshen up in the morning. Those who need to have their car nearby when sitting at the campfire, can use the campfire site and shelter at the parking area.
It is the only ancient hill fort that can be associated with a historical person: Lembitu, the elder of North Sakala, who perished on 21 September 1217 in the Battle of St. Matthew’s Day. Lõhavere hill fort was used at the beginning of the 13th century. The monument of the ancient fight for freedom in memory of the Battle of St. Matthew’s day stands near the hill fort.
In the parking area an outdoor fireplace, large shelter, information board, dry toilet. In the surrounds of the hill fort there is a outdoor fireplace, two picnic tables with shelters. There are two sets of stairs to the hill fort, and 60 m boardwalk leading to an unmarked forest path.
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