Lake Vaskna campfire site

The campfire site is on the shore of Lake Vaskna and offers a magnificent view of the rolling terrain. A nice place for making campfire, camping, swimming and enjoying nature. Lake Vaskna is 242 m above the sea level; its area is 25 hectares, max depth 10 m. There are several legends about Lake Vaskna.
Lake Vaskna, rolling terrain, Trolla village.
Campfire site with 6 benches, shelter, firewood shelter, changing cabin, 1 fire ring with barbecue grill, dry toilet, fence, road barrier, information board, wooden waste bin
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.
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Type: Campground hasn't visited
GPS: 57.7164, 27.08349
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