Jalase nature trail (2.6 km)

Jalase landscape reserve aims to protect mire, alvar and forest communities, protected species, geological objects and the unique village landscape of Jalase. There are three western capercaillie courting grounds in the reserve area.
Jalase nature trail starts at the rest stop on Jalase-Ohukotsu road. At first the trail goes for 1.1 km through the varied forests of Arbumetsa Special Management Zone, then 300 metres along the edge of a field to the start of the 0.7 km boardwalk. The boardwalk runs in Sõbessoo Special Management Zone and leads the visitor to Lake Sõbessoo aka Lake Jalase. From the lake, hikers are recommended to take the same route back to the start.
Lake Sõbessoo, Lipstu moor
940 m of boardwalk, 1690 m of trail, 11 m of footbridge, trash bin
More information on the RMK website. Дополнительная информация здесь.

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Type: Trail
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GPS: 58.974548, 24.598504
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