Gaujas senlejas skatu vietas

The route includes the most outstanding sights, landscapes and nature observation areas of the Sigulda area. However, in order to experience them, it will be necessary to get to know the steep slopes and ups of the relief of the ancient Gauja valley.

We invite you to protect and respect the values of nature and man-made! The route requires suitable off-road shoes, a map of Sigulda and Krimulda area. Wooden stairs can be damaged in places, slippery in wet weather. Respect the information signs placed on the objects! Everyone is responsible for safety during the route.

This route or part of it can be combined with other routes in Sigulda and its surroundings. The route from the Infantry Bridge over the Gauja can also be done along the lower part of the main bank of the Gauja ancient valley. You can use the lift at the City Track or go up the stairs.

In nature, partially marked with signs for cyclists in the section from Krimulda to Velnala cliffs

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